International artist Rosemary Schramm has been blessed with the art of painting and song. Over the years she has used both to fulfill her artistic interests. While creating in her studio, on location, or plein air, she sometimes sings, listens to music, or just listens to the sounds of nature. She paints mostly oils with palette knives on canvas, but also works in acrylic, watercolor, graphite, woodcuts, copper enamel, or etchings. She is also available for hand lettered boat names and murals.

“Land/seascapes are my favorite subject matter, whether it is only God’s creations or with a bit of human invention. It is a communion with God to paint in nature. Each scene tells a story of a special moment in time -- whether it be capturing the light and the mood of a subject through a spectrum of colors or creating a three dimensional illusion on a two-dimensional surface in a naturalistic and textural fashion. Another type of art I love to create are Treasure Paintings, which are acrylic paintings with 3-dimenional natural treasures (stones, shells, bits of bone or wood) collaged on the surface. I developed this type of painting through many years of study and have collected many Treasures from each of the Great Lakes. The Collections of the Great Lakes are two feet by three feet and are framed under glass. You also learn much from these paintings, such as the lucky stone found in the cheek of a sheephead fish, or a Petoskey stone (Michigan’s state stone - a fossilized coral dating to some 350 million years ago). It is a great day when I sit on the beach after collecting, creating a Treasure Painting, and of course taking a swim in a Lake Erie. ‘Art from My Heart!’ is my slogan and I have found numerous heart shaped Treasures to incorporate in my latest works.”

While raising her two children, Rosemary finished a two-year correspondence course in art and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University with a major in painting and a minor in printmaking. As a master painter, Rosemary has created paintings up to 20 feet in size. She has earned several awards for her work and has donated countless works of art to a variety of causes. She is a member of the Ohio Plein Air Society, Port Clinton Artists Club, Port Clinton Arts Council, Crooked Tree Arts Council and the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce.

Born and raised in this coastal Ohio region, there is an endless amount of beauty for her to capture. Commissions are always available, which allow her to create for her client a scene that is close to their heart. To Rosemary, an Ohio sunrise, a scene with geese or swans, an old Matthews, a ferry, a lighthouse, or a Michigan scene such as the Grand Hotel, Little Traverse Bay area, or even an ocean -- everywhere God’s wonders are -- are truly inspirational! She wrote the song And Now We See after experiencing hundreds of geese swirling in the sky and placed her Flight to Paradise etching on the cover of her CD. Rosemary sings weekly at The Garden restaurant in Port Clinton, with her church choir, and various other engagements such as weddings, anniversary or birthday parties, etc...

Rosemary Schramm, BFA, OPA
Artist - Singer - Songwriter

“I hope your stay here at the shores of Lake Erie is filled with beauty and joy. Yes! We are, the heart of it all!”